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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Frame Work Case

Average Customer Rating:

Average Customer Rating:

Are you ready for your closeup? AGF is proud to introduce our BlackBerry Bold 9700 Frame Work Case. The Frame Work Case is perfect for framing any photo, sticker or piece of artwork you’d like to decorate your phone with. The ‘frame work’ of this case is made of a durable rubber that will protect the edges of your phone from drops and dings. The backside of the case is equip with a clear, hard plastic – great for showcasing your favorite piece of artwork!

  • Durable rubber ‘frame work’ to protect the edges of your phone
  • Hard plastic backing – great for showcasing your artwork



I got this case as a present from my husband and I love it. I took a photo from our wedding and I can use it as the background for the back of my phone! This case is so neat.

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