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July 2010
iPhone 4G Accessories
By now, even your grandma knows holding the iPhone 4G the wrong way will turn the Steve Job’s uberchic mega-gadget into an expensive paperweight...

June 25, 2010
The Beetle iPhone 4 Case by AGF
We have all been waiting and now the time has come we have our or are about to get our new iPhones. It is very exciting but also you need to think about protecting your device from unwanted dings and scratches with just the right case…

The Gadgeteer
June 24, 2010
Let the Flood of iPhone 4 Cases Begin
AG Findings Unveils their new line of cases for the Apple iPhone 4. From Left to Right, we have the Vandelay Case which is offered in multiple colors and patterns.

June 22, 2009
AGF Introduces Precision HSD Case for RIM BlackBerry Javelin and Storm
At AGF, it is our goal to make high-quality protective leather cases at an affordable price. As our engineers and designers extend the product line, we intend to preserve the highest level of craftsmanship integrating our designer’s ideas and our customer’s requests…

June 22, 2009
iPhone 4 case roundup, the second
For the fashion-conscious, the Vandelay Case series ($35, currently available only through AT&T) combines tough protection with a posh exterior in either red or black. The Beetle Case series ($35) comes in seven different colors and features lightweight construction and a shock-absorbing liner. Finally, the Hidden Clip ($35), available only in black, is “engineered with a retractable clip to hook onto virtually anything…

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