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AGF Designer HyeRan Yun

How did you get into Industrial Design?
When I graduated elementary school, my mom gave me the Sony Walkman as a gift. At that time, I thought Sony was one of the companies with the best designed products. I was really into the Walkman, since that time I’ve wanted to be a designer.

How would you describe your design style?
Functional. When I design something, I am focusing on its function more than just the look of the product.

What was your first cell phone?
An LG phone in 1997. I can’t remember the phone model – I only remember that it was huge and heavy to carry in my pocket. At the time, I lived in Korea and cell phones were a luxury device for college students.

What type of cell phone do you own now – do you like it?
Motorola Pink RAZR. It’s over 3 years old and still working OK and small enough to carry in my pocket. 3 years ago, my phone was a big fashion trend all over the world, but now – not so much. I still like my phone because the phone has all my connections with good memory.

Name the strangest thing that has happened to your phone?
One of my friends had the same RAZR phone as I did – the exact same model and color. My friend and I went out one night, while we were out we unknowingly swapped phones. That night a stranger called – what I thought was my phone – asking who I was?! It was then I realized it was NOT my phone! After that, my friend put a big decorated sticker on her phone!

What are your guilty pleasures?
Reading comic books. I can read comic books nonstop, two days, without sleeping or eating. If I read a comic book about food and cooking, I have to eat that food, otherwise I cannot sleep.

What do you like to do when you’re not working at AGF?
Traveling. I want to visit all 50 states in the USA. So far I went to 10 states. 40 states still left to go.

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